Air Transfer Characteristics

Main Operations

Cash to cash transfers

Like any remittance, a user can send cash to another user across the globe within minutes for low fees without any prerequisites.

Cash to token

Purchase any token with cash payments right away from any of the multi-million ATP retailers network.

Token to cash

Any user can liquidate his X type tokens to cash and withdraw from the nearest median/retailer in minutes.

Token to token

Users can convert between multiple tokens for best rates, choosen from multiple top exchanges.

what will we do ?

Air Transfer

A set of tools for developers, users and medians to develop, use and operate fiat cash transfers.


Air Transfer Wallet (ATW)

End user light client that supports tokens conversion from user’s personal accounts into cash or store multiple tokens in the inbuilt-app wallet and liquidate them any time. In addition to locating nearest medians, comparing transfer rates, token conversion, creating draft fiat transfer orders, set security codes, track orders and view different usage reports.


Air Transfer Facilitator (ATF)

Medians’ app to enter a remittance business that supports KYC verifications, median registration, closing accounts and linking sub-medians. Also, provides powerful fiat order management for creation, completion, cancellation, tracking and receipts. Selling tokens through cash to token orders is supported due to the integration with Air Transfer Exchange (ATX).


Air Transfer Exchange (ATX)

AirTX is a server component that exposes set of Restful APIs to be consumed by different clients like AirTW, AirTF, AirTG and any other external app with a main purpose to find best conversion rate from different tokens to ATP approved stable-coins across multiple exchanges.


Air Transfer Gateway (ATG)

Integration hub for dApps to allow their users to be able to cash-out their tokens. The gateway provides Restful APIs that takes the heavy work of converting dApp tokens into stable coins by comparing best rates from multiple exchanges and then create cash-out orders through Air Transfer Protocol.


Highlighted Features

Fast Fiat Cash Transfers
Cash transfers in minutes

A fiat transfer is equal to an Ethereum blockchain transaction so it’s ready for cashout within minutes, regardless the sender and receiver locations or transfer amount.

Low transaction fees
Competence fees

Due to high competency across thousands to millions of medians/retailers to provide best rates and service, a low transaction fee is the result of such competency.

Secured by the network

Medians/Retailers do not need to trust each other because the transfers are secured by the blockchain cryptographics and the rules of the smart contracts.

Decentralized Governance


A Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) will exist to allow token holders to participate in the decision process for key aspects of Air Transfer where they can decide on the profit distribution percentage, auditing schedule, choose an auditing firm, propose and vote on ideas...etc.


Remittance Market

Remittance Market

Current remittance market process over $600 billions of transfers annually distributed between remittances and banks where the biggest portion of the market owned by Western Union, Money Gram and Rai as they operate between them 1.1 million retails world wide, noting that in 2016, total revenue of Western Union was $5.4 billions and Money Gram $1.6 billions.



Build a retailers network across the globe consists of millions of medians powered by Air Transfer.



Obtain 1% of remittances market share within the first 2 years.


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A game changer in payments space

The most important use case here is the ability for users to liquidate their tokens to cash fiat directly from any nearby retailer like a post office, shop or remittance.


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, Air Transfer, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Air Transfer - is a set of apps and components made for developers to plugin into their apps, for end users to convert their tokens or liquidate them into cash and for retailers to send/receiver cash transfers.

Developers can plugin into Air Transfer components like AirExchange and AirGateway to give their users the ability to convert their tokens into cash payments in minutes.

Users can use Air Wallet to look for nearest median to send or receive cash payments. Also, they can store different tokens and cash some or all of them from a nearest median at any time in dollar or local currency.

Retailers as individuals or companies can use Air Facilitator to create or complete cash transfers across worlwide P2P retailers network. Also, they can buy or sell tokens for cash.

In Pre-ICO, usually investors were approched individually to raise a seed fund required for MVP and ICO costs. However, any interested investor can contact us to discuss his interest.

Pre-Sale is the first stage of the ICO to sell tokens in bulks for a bonus in return to quickly secure the funds soft cap. Any user or investor are welcome to join this stage as long as they commit to buy the minimum tokens per purchase.

Tokens can be purcahsed with ETH or fiat payments through debit or credit card. However, fiat purchases will incur 3% payment processing fees.

KYC stands for Know Your Customer where token purchasers are required to go through a verification process by completing a personal details form and supplying an indentification document prior to commence a purchase.

Although development doesn’t require huge costs, the main success for Air Transfer is through the marketing, partnerships and international alliances which requires a lot of money to accomplish on a professional level that guarantees achieving the vision and reaching the initial goal of Air Transfer by getting 1% of the remittance market share within the first 2 years.

The token will represent a token holder share of Air Transfer.

No, AIRT is not stable coin and its price will be subject to the market sell/buy requests, however, the quarterly profits will be sent to the token holders at the time of calculating each token holder’s profit regardless of the token value.

Net profit will be distributed every 3 months to token holders according to their token volumes. Ex: after auditing, the distributable net profit is $20,000,000, Alex has 10,000 tokens, then Alex’s profit = ( $20,000,000 “profit” / 100,000,000 “total tokens” ) * 10,000 “Alex’s tokens” = $2,000.

Most of the revenue will be generated from transfers’ commissions in the form of stable tokens by the Air Transfer Protocol. Thus, it’s transparent on how to determine the actual income. However, for the income and costs, a quarterly audit will be commenced by a known auditing firms to review the budget, expenses, taxes and determine the net profit that will get distributed as stable coins to the token holders according to their holding tokens amount.

No, there will be always costs for running and expanding Air Transfer so 60% of the profits will be distributed to token holders and 40% will put on to Air Transfer budget. However, a transparent quarterly audit will be commenced and results published on Air Transfer website.

Token holder can vote through the AirDAO for proposed decisions like increasing or decreasing distributed profit percentage, choosing an auditing firm or change the auditing schedule. The voting power for token holder is equal to his token amounts.

On the closing of sale whether all tokens are sold or the 30 days of public sale are reached.

After the end of sale through any of the exchanges listing AIRT.

Exchange listing are a long process and varies from one exchange to another. However, Air Transfer will try to list AIRT on many exchanges as possible. Also, AirDAO will allow token holders to sell/purchase AIRT in P2P manner through the AirDAO portal.


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